Role: Director || Editor
Background: Nike Project Move is a student-led initiative to inspire a diversity of movement in every corner of campus. 2019 was the pilot year for the program, which kicked off at the Ohio State University. Nike asked students to submit videos of what movement means to them, and they ultimately chose 15 students to participate in a 2 day workshop at Nike WHQ. Over the course of that workshop, they developed 3 student led projects to inspire movement back at OSU for the 2019-2020 school year.
The Ask: Tell the story of these students and the impact of Project Move from April 2019 to mid-2020.
I led the media capture for this project, and ultimately edited every piece of video content that came out during this one year span.
Client: US Nike Football
Agency: Uncorked Studios
Role: Co-Director/Editor, alongside Ryan Kelly
Background: December in Texas means high school football playoffs and crowning the champions of the most competitive high school football in the US. These showdowns happen at AT&T Stadium, and the energy for these games is unmatched. US Nike Football sought to create two videos to pump up the fans and players before the first and fourth quarter of every semi-final/final game. 
The Ask: Create two hype videos showcasing the legacy and power of Texas high school football, through the eyes of three NFL players (formerly Texas high school football stand-outs). 
For this series, I DP'd and assistant directed the NYC interview with Jamal Adams. Once the team completed the interviews, I led the charge on the editing/delivery stage of both videos. Due to the success of these, the NFL players featured shared them on their personal Instagram/Twitter, as well as US Nike Football's account. In three weeks Ryan and I produced, directed, and edited the two videos included below.

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