Texas Tested
Role: Co-Director/Editor (alongside the Director of Product at Uncorked Studios, Ryan Kelly).
In the span of three weeks Ryan and I produced, directed, and edited two videos for US Nike Football. The ask was to create two hype videos showcasing the power/legacy of Texas high school football, through the eyes of three NFL players (formerly Texas high school football stand-outs). Ultimately these videos were created for an in-stadium experience to pump the Texas fans up before the first and fourth quarter of every state high school semi-final/final game at AT&T Stadium. 
For this series, I DP'd and assistant directed the NYC interview with Jets player, Jamal Adams. Once all the interviews were complete, I led the charge on the edit for both videos. Due to the success of the videos, the NFL players featured shared them on their personal Instagram/Twitter, as well as US Nike Football's account.
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